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The Rise of Kaba Girl

Mariama Jabang, a native of Kartong town in Kombo South is quickly becoming a household name at least in and around the Gambia’s bustling tourism and entertainment district of Senegambia thanks to her innovative business venture. Mariama’s business identity Kaba Girl is also her business brand. Kaba, the local name for Saba Senegalensis is a

Gambia’s Startup Boom

Starting a new business in The Gambia can be challenging, exhausting and pretty messy. However, startups are booming, creating jobs and positively impacting on the national economy. We meet some of the Gambia’s young up-and-coming entrepreneurs to discuss their startups. Abdoulie Fadera is quickly becoming a success story after

Kalifa M. Faal, CEO of KMF Technologies

Kalifa M. Faal is a Software Engineer with experience in major programming languages and Network Technologies. As entrepreneur, he started a technology company with just $200 and is today one of the most popular tech companies in the country, and it’s still growing. In this interview, Kalifa takes us on a tour of how his career and business…
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