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CAF Weighs Options for Completion of Inter-Club Competitions

CAF champions league trophy

With the date given by Confederation of African Football, CAF to Member Associations, MAs to determine the conclusion of their various leagues elapsing, African football ruling body is planning ahead on ways through which the 2019-2020 Interclub competitions can be concluded amid COVID-19 pandemic.

In a released which was made available to, CAF administration has prepared different scenarios for the completion of the current CAF Interclubs season as well as scenarios for next season’s CAF Interclubs
competitions as follows:

2019/20 CAF Interclubs season.

    Defending Champions, Esperance of Tunis

Scenario 1 (return end of July/ early August):
Semi-Final (1st Leg): 31 July, 1, 2 August Semi-Final (2nd Leg): 7, 8, 9 August
CC Final: 23 August
CL Final: 28 August

Scenario 2 (return early September):
Semi-Final (1st Leg): 4,5 6 September Semi-Final (2nd Leg): 11, 12, 13 September
CC Final: 23 September
CL Final: 25 September

The above scenarios were based on replies from Member Associations, MAs on how they plan to end their current league season as follows:

– The M.A has a strategy in place or is definitely pursuing the completion of the season.
Completion dates vary between June and end of August 2020.
– The M.A has annulled the local competitions and all its results.
– The M.A is still waiting for further developments to take a position whether to cancel
or pursue the completion of the season (undecided).
– The M.A has homologated the latest standings of the league as is and will not finish
the season.
– The M.A has not yet started the season.

CAF Champions League and Confederation Cup have been put on hold since the outbreak of CoronaVirus pandemic and CAF is working towards resuming the Interclub competitions in order to plan ahead of the 2020-2021 season.


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