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Bring Water and Light or Leave Our Land- Villagers Confront Swami India

Korop village, a rural settlement situated in the Upper Fulladu, Central River Region – South has threatened to forcefully evict Swami India from their community who acquired their 90 hectares land three years ago.

Villagers say the Indian company has failed its promise to provide water and electricity services to the community which was a condition in acquiring the land which is being developed as a banana plantation.

On Tuesday, the entire community marched to the plantation where they demanded the closure of the place asking workers to leave. According to reliable sources, the situation nearly turned violent until the regional Governor intervened to quell the tension.

     banana plantation

The village Alkalo Muhammed Jamanka explains to The Chronicle. “It’s true that we had a loggerhead with Swami India over their unfulfilled electricity and water supply promise they made to our village.

“We allocated 90 hectares of our communal land to this company in return for electricity and water supply but it is 3 years 4 months now and they are yet to deliver their promise and we thought there is no need for them to continue with their operation,” Jamanka tells The Chronicle.

However, he said due to the intervention of the Governor, the community has decided to allow a temporary operation at the plantation.

“If not the intervention of the Governor, we wouldn’t have allowed Swami India to operate until the issue of our electricity and water project is sorted out. Governor appealed to us to give him little time so as to find a way out and it is for this reason why we suspended our decision for now,” Jamanka stated.

The Focal Person of Swami India at the banana plantation, Sarah Kandeh admitted that “an agreement was made to provide electricity and water for the village.” He said the company could not implement the agreement due to financial issues.

“We are still bonded by our agreement and we are doing everything possible to solve the issue for good. Already we are negotiating with NAWEC so as to get to the bottom of this issue,” Kandeh explained.

      Abba Sanyang, Governor CRR

Governor of Central River Region Abba Sanyang confirmed that the matter is on his desk and working towards resolving it by inviting both parties to a meeting today, Monday in Janjanbureh.

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  1. Kendo jamanka says

    Thank you very much Mr Manneh and a special thanks also to the governor of my region Mr Abaa sanyang for your intervention all. I don’t have much to say other than thanking my fellow villagers for working together to make things possible and smooth. I will also like to ought the swami India to fullfeel the promise they made to the villagers. We gave them the land for them to provide us water and electricity hence we gave them, now it’s their time to make the promise happen. But if they insisted to do so we shall fight for our right in another way without bringing violence in the country rather to the village. Thank you all.

  2. Informatika says

    What are the circumstances surrounding the threat of Korop village to forcibly evict Swami India from their community, and what led to this situation involving the acquisition of a 90-hectare land by Swami India three years ago? How is this issue being addressed, and what potential implications could arise from the conflict between the village and the organization?

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