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BReST Project Disburses Cash to Rural Mothers

EU Officials

The European Union funded project ‘Building Resilient through Nutritive Social Transfer’ (BReST) is currently disbursing 200, 000 Euros to six thousand rural mothers.

The EU has funded the project on a two-year course at the tune of Three Million Euros in partnership with UNICEF and implemented by the National Nutrition Agency (NaNA). It’s meant to support mothers in the rural country to enhance nutritive and healthy living for their children and families during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I feel very happy to be part of the people who are receiving this covid-19 cash transfer from BReST Project for the second time during this global pandemic. I want to say thank you to the donors for considering our plight. Last month I received D1, 500 from the project and here again, I just received D1, 320,” Aminata Jallow of Farato Village expresses her happiness.

She added: “For the past two years I have also been receiving six hundred dalasi (D600) each month through this project, it definitely helps me a lot in taking full care of my family. It also enables me to be able to buy all the nutritive foods that my son badly needs to grow strong and healthy.”

Kaddijatou Jawneh of Nyan Koi Taiba You in Wuli has also benefited from the project. She describes that project as the best to have been executed in the country. She said the project has accorded many mothers to becoming independent in upbringing their kids through assistance.

     Kaddijatou Jawneh talking to journalist

She said the project has made it possible for her to be able to adequately take care of her kids and expand her farming activities through the funds garnered from the project.

“Throughout these past two years we have been receiving D600 from this project to support our families. It also trains us how to take care of our families and how best we manage the diets and nutrition of the foods of our kids. 

“Besides, this support last month the project gave us D1, 500 and today too we are just receiving D1, 320 as a support to mitigate the negative impact of coronavirus on us and our families. We are definitely grateful to the EU, UNICEF and NaNA for this great initiative in helping the rural mothers.”

Also, a native of Tibatou, Kaddijatou Jallow says the support comes at the right time as the global pandemic has taken a toll on them and their families.

       Kaddijatou Jallow receiving cash from BReST official

“This support comes at the right time looking at the difficulties many families are undergoing in the rural areas largely to the coronavirus. With this support, we can better take care of our families as well as concentrate on our farms. I must also express my happiness to all those who made this possible because the BReST project has changed our livelihoods for good,” Madam Jallow disclosed.

Since inception, the project is said to have made a monthly transfer of D600 to 6, 000 rural mothers across the country, mainly rural dwellers whose means of earning are less than $1 per day on survival. 

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