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Banjul FC Win Promotion to Swedish Fourth Tier

Banjul FC

Swedish based Gambian team Banjul FC over the weekend earned its third successive promotion to the Swedish fourth tier.

Gibou Cherry’s header proved decisive as the African team in Scandinavia made another giant step towards their quest to play top-level football one day.

The team which was established by Gambians in Stockholm finished the season with 25 points, losing two games and drawing one, and winning eight.

It was Gibou Cherry’s second goal of the season and the player was elated as the team achieved their target for the season.

“It was a very hard season but we have seen ourselves through the line. We have to prepare now and even start tomorrow. We feel proud to lead this path, this victory and team is for the Gambian community in Sweden. Despite our opponent been in the bottom half of the table, they were discipline and the boys came better in the second half.” Gibou stressed.

                   Banjul FC

The technical coach of the side Baba Touray also mentioned that it was a great honour for the team as the pundits did not expect them to qualify.

“From Division seven to division four, nobody believed in us but today we are here, it’s a big achievement. We have seen other nationalities having a team here therefore we thought it’s high time to establish one and show people that the Gambia is on another level when it comes to football.” Touray pointed out

Aziz Corr, a senior player of the team also threw some lights on the season as he maintains their hard work has yielded dividends

“This victory is for the Gambians based in Stockholm, the entire Gambia, and everybody.
Whenever we play with the Swedish club we have to be patient, disciplined and respect our position. Preparation for next season starts tomorrow.”

Demba Jagne, former U17 and U23 player and the current head coach of the team shown his satisfaction and lauded the fans and the while team for a good job done.

“We say congratulations to the players, management and fans. We have learned a lot this season since division seven our approach has been going to every game to win. Whenever we play with other teams is like a final for them. Everybody gets ready for Aziz Corr because of his status, “Jagne mentioned

“I will like to applaud every individual that has thrown his/her support and continue to back us.”

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