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Bakers Suspend Strike After Talks With the Government

Members of the Senfour Modern Bakeries Association Saturday announced they’d resume work after reaching an interim agreement with the government.

Last week, shortage of senfour (modern bread/bakery) hit most parts of the Greater Banjul Area. Shops hiked the prices of the bread from seven dalasis to eight following the shortage, which the bakers blamed on the rise in flour price. They went on strike after the authorities warned them to sell at normal price. Long queues were seen in front of shops in Banjul and other areas as consumers struggled to get hands on the most favorite bread in the urban area.


Under the new partial agreement with the government, the bakers will sell senfour directly to shopkeepers at six dalasis, without having to go through middle men. The agreement followed the intervention of the National Assembly Select Committee on Trade.

Meanwhile, the bakers are expected to meet the government authorities next week for another round of talks.

“We are looking forward to meeting with government officials next week as we continue to explore a permanent solution that safeguards the health of the bakery industry,” the association said in a press release.

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