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Badminton: New President Pledges to Popularize the Sport in The Gambia Through Schools

Gambia Badminton Association President Abdoulie Ceesay presents badminton equipment to Gambia College Students

The new President of The Gambia Badminton Association, Abdoulie Ceesay, has promised to make the game one of the country’s most popular sports within the next four years through the school system. 

Badminton is not quite popular in The Gambia. The racket-swinging sport is less popular than football and volleyball even on the continent. 

For Abdoulie, his association will swing into action by taking the game to the grassroots to attract new players and fans that will in no time make the sport soar. “I am optimistic that soon badminton competitions will start in most zones across the country,” Abdoulie told The Chronicle. “This will be as a result of the efforts my team will put in place.”

Ceesay said that one immediate task his executive had embarked upon was to reach out to the schools. “This is to ensure that we start from the grassroots, empowering the young ones that are keen to make badminton a career. We are attending a few schools including The Gambia College where we donated badminton equipment to make sure they start practicing the sport as soon as possible.”

Badminton racket

The game of badminton can be divided into single and double matches. In a single match, the game is held as a one-on-one duel by the two players. Meanwhile, a double match involves 4 players with 2 players on each side. The key of winning the double match is teamwork and communication between the teammates.

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