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Australia – The Murderer of Lamin Bojang gets 9 years in jail

The murderer of Lamin Masterton Bojang, an Australian-based Gambian has been jailed to nine years imprisonment on Wednesday, September 3 2020, for manslaughter. Daryl Rivett, a 54-year-old Australian was charged for causing the death of Lamin Bojang after the two men got drunk and argued over a woman.

According to news reports from Victoria, Daryl Rivett, the accused, made several punches to Lamin Masterton-Bojang in the face causing Bojang to fell and hit his head resulting to death.

The incident happened back in Overton Road, Frankston, early on December 19 last year after the victim and the accused got into an argument over Bojang’s visit to Rivett’s ex’s house.

She then asked them to leave the house and talk things through. Just moments after leaving the house, Rivett punched Bojang in the face four times resulting in Bojang’s death.

“The Supreme Court heard on Thursday that Rivett drank five liters of cask wine in the hours before visiting the house, where former partner Rose Loredo was talking and drinking with Mr. Masterton-Bojang,” the report states.

According to a justice speaking on Rivett’s case to the court, Rivett had criminal cases in the past which included convictions for at least 20 acts of violence. Other cases of Rivett include drug and alcohol problems, abusive upbringing amongst other things.

Lamin Masterton-Bojang, a father of six who according to the reports was raised in the Gambia and later traveled to Australia after spending some years in Sweden, died at 53 years old in hospital three days after the incident.

“His loved ones speak of sitting with him, holding his hand and kissing him, while he lay in a hospital bed, every part of his face and head swollen, surviving only on life support,” the judge said.

“His children cling desperately to happy memories, but are tormented by the loss of the chance for many more.”

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