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APRC Wants Resignation of Justice Minister over Sales of Jammeh’s Assets

The leadership of the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) has demanded the immediate resignation of the Justice Minister, Abubacarr Tambadou following the Court of Appeal decision ordering the sales of assets belonging to the former president and associates to be halted.

“I want to call on Baa Tambedou to resign as the Attorney General and Minister of Justice because he has failed the system. He can only talk loud and big when his actions are as small as an ant and besides his behavior does not conform to the position of Attorney General and Minister of Justice,” APRC Interim Leader, Fabakary Tombong Jatta said at a press conference.

APRC leadership at a press conference

He described the qualities of an Attorney General and Minister as being independent, less emotional, be professional and honest.

“President Adama Barrow is losing his popularity because of many reasons but the key among them is Baa Tambadou serving as Minister and Attorney General,” Tombong Jatta claimed.

He accused Tambadou of misinforming the government adequately on legal matters as manifested by the Court Appeal Court’s ruling on the sales of assets belonging to the former president and his closed associates.

Tombong Jatta argues that suppose the Attorney General did his homework effectively, the government would have been saved from such embarrassment.

“It is not only enough to stop the sales of the properties of those adversely affected at the Commission of Inquiry, the Court of Appeal has said that it is illegal to sell these properties. So whatever Baa Tambedou and his people may have done is illegal and criminal, this is what the court has said.”

Baa Tambedou

He challenged the attorney general to tell Gambians the information regarding those properties such as which of the former President’s properties were sold, whom where they sold to and at which price where these properties sold at and then return them to their owners.

He listed the properties being sold by the state at ‘give-away’ prices as tractors, power tillers, flat tv screens, jewellery, house furniture and seven thousand (7000) heads of cattle were sold far less than the market prices.

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