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Jammeh’s Protesters, Supporters Take to Streets to Call For His Return

Thousands of opposition APRC supporters have taken to the streets to protest, demanding the return of former President Yahya Jammeh to the country.

Jammeh was flown out of the country he ruled for 22 years and now he’s into exile in Equatorial Guinea.

The longtime ruler refused to step down after a December 1 vote in which Adama Barrow was declared the winner, triggering weeks of tension as West African leaders threatened to use military force to oust him if he failed to step down.

Protesters argue that Yaya Jammeh has a right to return under a joint statement from the African Uniion, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the United Nations.  “Yaya Jammeh has the right to come back to his country of birth, “said Musa Cham, one of the protesters. This is an agreement signed already, so it has to come because we need him.”

       Jammeh supporters calls for his return

“ECOWAS, the AU and the UN will work with the Government of The Gambia to ensure that former President Jammeh is at liberty to return to The Gambia at any time of his choosing in accordance with international human rights law and his rights as a citizen of the Gambia and a former head of state,” the joint statement read.

     APRC senior officials engages AU Officials in Banjul about Jammeh’s return

Isatou Manga, another protester urged the West African bloc to honor the agreement and allow Jammeh to return. “Agreement is an agreement, “she argues. I see no reason why Yaya Jammeh shouldn’t be allowed to come home and live like any other Gambia, he should come and he will come.”

Yaya Jammeh is accused of numerous human rights abuses, prompting the current to set up an investigation commission dubbed ‘Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission’ to probe into atrocities committed under Yahya Jammeh.

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