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Mam Ndegene Secka

Business Reporter Mam Ndegene Secka is a business reporter at The Chronicle. Secka has background as a freelance reporter, staff reporter, State House Correspondent, and an Assistant Editor. Having worked with Today Newspaper (Gambia), Office of the President, Gambia Daily, Department of Information Services, Secka has developed a strong commitment to her work and respective field. During her tenure as Protocol Officer for the Office of the President, she attended the International Islamic Conference in Egypt, the inauguration of President Jose Mario Vas of Guinea Bissau in Bissau, as well as the US-Africa Summit in Washington DC, United States. Secka received her Diploma in Institute of Commercial Management from Nusrat Management and Accountancy Management Training Centre. She has also attended a two-week course in “Freedom and Responsibility in the Media”, organized by the GIZ of Germany in collaboration with the Ghana Media Centre in Ghan