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Aji Kumba Daffeh Launches Tresor Women Warriors Foundation

Aji Kumba Daffeh

Earlier this week corporate finance executive and humanitarian, Aji Kumba Daffeh, officially launched the Tresor Women Warriors Foundation in Kwinella Kiang.

Daffeh founded Tresor Women Warriors in 2019, motivated by the need to assist women in adding value to their lives. The organization enables them to live the fullest possible life by helping them change their living conditions, economic empowerment and political participation that exists in The Gambia.

The female ran, not-for-profit foundation, is dedicated to positively affecting the socio-economic development of Gambia and beyond, through the empowerment of women and gender equality.

Its leadership consists of eminent personalities across the country driven by the desire to improve the quality of life of people, and the general conditions of their environment.

The foundation is fighting discriminatory laws and practices, helping women gain financial independence and self-confidence and thus promoting socio economic development in The Gambia.

Its work involves partnering grassroots organizations serving vulnerable women and girls in the most remote parts of the country through providing programs and services that enable hard-working  women to create sustainable livelihoods, care for their families, improve their lives and change our world.

Daffeh is also the COO of KEO Foundation, a non-profit legal entity, launched September 1st, 2014. The foundation is aimed towards helping the underprivileged, especially in Africa.

She launched Tresor Women Warriors in 2019, a project created to help uplift women to financial freedom. One of the main missions of the foundation is to unite women under one umbrella and to be able to build strong leadership goals. 

Kumba is also a Partner and VP for M&T Global, a construction company based in The Gambia. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in both international business and finance from the Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

Aji Kumba Daffeh

Daffeh is also passionate about women empowerment and nation building; she’s a founding member of ‘Yes We Can Read’, an organization dedicated to youth participation, youth development and nation building for access to quality early childhood education in the most remote parts of The Gambia.

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