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Pedophile Svein Åge Sandåker Arrested in Norway and Remanded After he Left Gambia

The Chronicle can confirm that Svein Åge Sandåker, a Norwegian convicted pedophile, jailed in The Gambia for over a decade, is indeed back in Norway and has been arrested on Sunday. He could be convicted of multiple assaults by justice in his native country. His lawyer, Sigurd Klomsæt, who helped Svein Åge Sandåker for several years, has confirmed that his client has indeed arrived in Norway and that the Norwegian police have arrested him.

He finished his sentence in The Gambia and was transferred to the immigration authorities of that country. They sent him out, and he was apprehended by the Norwegian police when he landed at Gardermoen on Sunday“, Norwegian police prosecutor Rita Parnas said.

The Chronicle learned that Svein Åge Sandåker has now been charged with sexual assault that allegedly took place in Norway between 2008 and 2010. He has denied the charges, according to a note from the Oslo District Court issued on Monday.

Svein Åge Sandåker has now been remanded in custody for four weeks as the Norwegian police continue their investigations.

It is right that Svein Åge Sandåker is back in Norway. He has been reported to the police. I told him yesterday that the police will use a judge’s hearing back in 2017, and the charges then preferred against him. He was not informed of this by the police when he was arrested, and I am surprised that they have kept this hidden from him.” Sigurd Klomsæt, the lawyer of Svein Åge Sandåker, told the Chronicle.

Svein Åge Sandåker has several convictions in Norway for 100 sexual assaults on his own young son and multiple other assaults on minor boys in Norway. He was charged in the fall of 2011 in another pedophile case when he fled Norway in November that year and went into hiding in The Gambia.

When Gambian police agents arrested Svein Åge Sandåker in December 2010 following a tip-off from the police in Norway, they seized video equipment and computer memory cards with what they described as “indecent” photos. Above all, the Norwegian man was found with six young boys in the bedroom where he was staying in the Gambia.

In court, witnesses said Svein Åge Sandåker had tricked his way into hard-up Gambian families by posing as a do-gooder, giving the parents sacks of rice and new shoes in exchange for time alone with their large brood of six kids in a hotel room.

In 2018 President Adama Barrow pardoned Svein Åge Sandåker for reasons that have never been explained. The pardon was temporarily revoked amidst a public outcry in The Gambia and abroad. Svein Åge Sandåker was deported over the weekend after exhausting his jail term in The Gambia.



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