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Papa Njie Steps Down as Basketball Association President to Focus on Politics

Papa Njie

The President of the Gambia Basketball Association, Muhammed Musa Njie alias Papa Njie has announced that he is stepping down to focus on political career.

His resignation comes three months after being elected the Secretary General and party leader of the former ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

“I have resigned in person but the spirit is still there. I will continue to support basketball. I remember when I was elected in 2012 many people thought I couldn’t do the job because I was young. Now, I made them believe leadership is not about age but about the ability to execute functions. I think I have left a legacy as President of Basketball,” he told The Chronicle.

Njie took over at a time when basketball in the country wasn’t doing well and he has been credited for reviving the game.

Gambian basketball improved under Papa Njie

However, critics say his biggest shortcoming is that during his tenure, he had no clear policy in terms of plans and project.

Gim Kebbeh, the coach of Serekunda East basketball team rates Papa 70% out of 100. “The good thing about his leadership is that he was able to move the sport from the bottom to where it is today without support from the government.”

“He endeavored for the setting up of a national team. He introduced 3×3 basketball tournament in The Gambia in 2011 which helped expose talents in the Gambian basketball.”

Basirou Sallah, a basketball fan wants the next president to better structure the national league. “We have to thank Papa for his efforts. He will be remembered as the president who revived Gambian Basketball.”

However, the Basketball Association is expected to come out with a roadmap for an Extraordinary General Assembly to elect substantive resident in accordance with its constitution.





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