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Abou Khan: “The GFF Grassroots Football Programme Is Changing the Game for Girls in NBR”

Abou Khan. President North Bank Region Football Association

The President of the North Bank Regional Football Association, Abou Khan has said the ongoing Gambia Football Federation’s grassroots football project is helping change the perception towards girl’s football in the north bank region. “Football has been perceived as a boys’ sport in this region and this project is changing the perceptions and breaking down the barriers, “said Khan.

The project dubbed “GFF Grassroots Girls Programme’’ sets out a vision for school-going girls to double their take-up of the game and ensure they learn basic skills and techniques in football. “Women’s and girls’ football is rapidly developing in this region, “Khan said. We are grateful to Monika and the GFF for giving these young girls the skills they need to be better players.”

Abou Khan talking about the importance of the GFF Grassroots project to young female players in Kuntair

On Wednesday, more than fifty girls from 3 lower basic schools across the north bank region gathered at the sandy Kuntair football for a two-hour session on ball control, dribbling and passing. Among them is 9 year old Fattoumatta Conateh. Her dream is to become a football super star.


She hopes to become a national team player and she sees the GFF project as a good first step to achieving her dream.” I want to thank the GFF for organizing this event. It’s good for us. I’m really happy to be here. I hope to learn a lot from the coaches.”


Omar Jarju is in North Bank Region

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