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A crocodile squatting the beach near State House captured

The Banjul City Council social media team has announced that the crocodile seen early Tuesday squatting the beach not far from State House, has been captured.

A statement posted on the BCC Facebook timeline reads “The Banjul City Council under the leadership of Her Worship, Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe together with staff from Department of Parks and Wildlife today captured a Crocodile with the help of one “SALIEU CAMARA”- a fisherman at the beach in Banjul.

Residents of Banjul have in June have been suprised to see crocodiles appearing in residential areas. They were said to come from the canal in Uncle Wollay Street in Banjul North. Residents of Tobacco Road appealed to the wildlife department and the Banjul city council for help after a viral video showed a group of people in Banjul brutally killing an erring crocodile.











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