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32-year-old Gambian Logger Killed by Tree in Italy

A tragic work accident has this Monday morning claimed the life of one Gambian migrant in Val Visdende, Italy. 32-year-old Mustapha Manneh, a logger for a timber company, died after being hit by a tree he was working on at Col Loriato Costa D’Antola Da Plenta, municipality of Santo Stefano.

Mustapha Manneh is said to be a long-time resident of Cadore, working in a logging company that assigned him to the fatal work.

Witnesses said the alarm belled at 9.45 a.m, on-site for health workers who intervened immediately. Unfortunately, they could not help but acknowlegde the death of Mustapha Manneh who was struck on the head by the tree.

Firefighters then intervened to secure the area. An investigation into the accident has been opened by the Italian Compagnia di Cortina police also called the Carabinieri.

32-year-old Mustapha Manneh, killed in a fatal work accident in Italy
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