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10th Jailbreak for Senegal’s Boy Djiné as he Flees Camp Pénal Prison

Baye Modou Fall Alias Boy Djiné

Famous Senegalese wealthy thief Baye Modou Fall alias Boy Djiné has again escaped from Camp Penal prison in Dakar, Liberté 6. Married to Jabou Cham, a Gambian, after one of his escape from prison in 2016, the Senegalese “king” of robbery and burglary is said to have escaped incarceration on Saturday night. It’s the 10th jailbreak from a Senegalese prison on Boy Djiné’s credit.

Boy Djiné was to stand trial for other robbery and burglary cases and his escape from prison to Banjul in 2016. A few days ago, he began a hunger strike to “demand” his trial before a court. As usual, Boy Djiné escaped incarceration. This time, the prison wardens of Camp Pénal only discovered Boy Djiné‘s escape around 5:am this Sunday.

In 2016, Boy Djiné was actively wanted by the Senegalese police after his 8th escape from the famous Rebeuss central prison of Dakar in June 2016. While the police were looking for him in Dakar, Boy Djiné was arrested on January 6, 2016, in Touba, 190 kilometers from the Senegalese capital, during a burglary in the Ocass market Touba.

Shortly after his arrest in Touba, Boy Djiné escaped detention from the Rebeuss jail of Dakar and made his way to The Gambia. Soon, Boy Djiné‘s stay in Banjul became a diplomatic bone of contention with Yahya Jammeh’s regime refusing to hand him over to the Senegalese police as requested by Dakar.

This was the peak of the acrimonious relations between the two countries after Yahya Jammeh caricatured three Senegalese heads of state in a row when he termed Macky Sall “a governor of France,” Abdou Diouf his “talibeh,” and Abdoulaye Wade “a baldheaded hypocrite.” Jammeh was in one of his “Meet the people’s tour” as he bragged about how he has total disregard for Senegalese leaders and how he has substantial leverage over each of them.

While Senegal and The Gambia got stuck in their tug of war about his stay in Banjul, Boy Djiné wasted no time wedding his newfound Gambian crush, Jabou Cham. The couple traveled to Sierra Leone on their honeymoon and got nabbed while coming back to The Gambia. During a routine control at the checkpoint of Kalifourou in the Senegalese region of Tambacounda, police officers identified Boy Djiné and ended his fairy tale prison escape.

Arrested along with her famous husband, Jabou Cham spent 22 months in pre-trial detention before being released on bail. Against all odds, Jabou never asked to divorce Boy Djiné. She is a regular traveler of the Banjul-Dakar route to visit her husband in Camp Pénal jail.

On November 24, 2020, Serigne Modou Fall, alias Boy Djiné, was sentenced to two years in prison by the Criminal Chamber of Dakar to burglar several factories in 2015. His two co-defendants, Maurice Diatta and Abdou Seck were acquitted.

Boy Djiné‘s sentence was also his punishment for criminal charges like “theft committed at night, with break-in and use of a vehicle to commit robbery at Sodida factory, criminal association, money laundering, forgery, and evasion. Since then, Boy Djiné has been in Senegalese custody.

Senegalese prison officials fear that Boy Djiné could benefit from “obvious” assistance from within to succeed in his latest jailbreak. An investigation is on course.

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